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            Connie regrets that she is unable to offer
Spiritual Potential Readings at this time.          

Quantum Gazing is a GIFT given freely and there should never be any charge for attending Quantum Gazing sessions.

At this time, Connie’s primary outer work is serving groups. In order to conserve her energy and time, it is impossible for her to receive guests at her home, answer individual email requests or do telephone energy work. Thank you for respecting her wishes.


2014 Quantum Gazing in Colorado - Part 1 - Abundant Love




2010 Quantum Gazing in Colorado - Transmission of Love




Quantum Gazing™ is not a personal interaction between Connie and you, but rather a transmission through Connie in which you connect with the quantum field of all possibilities. Time and Space are meaningless in the quantum field and thus it is easy for Quantum Gazing™ to be done over the internet with people thousands of miles away. Similarly, patterns of perfection from past or future are readily available since time is undefined in the quantum field.

1. Set three intentions for any kind of change you would like in your life. Repeat them clearly and then just let them go like leaves floating down a stream. Now forget about them!

2. Move your consciousness into your heart so that you will make the connection with the quantum field. Breathe in deeply. As you exhale, imagine your consciousness moving down into your heart and then expanding out into the Universe. Repeat this twice more. Notice the physical feeling of being in your heart space.

3. With unfocused eyes and consciousness in the heart, gaze at Connie. You have begun the transformation process! Begin noticing any changes in your life, huge or minute. Expect wonderful things! Allow your life to recharge on many levels.



In 1997, on one of Connie Shaw’s 48 trips to India (taking sick people for healings), she was visiting a famous holy site in the form of a cave frequented by saints and sages. The cave had a three-foot entrance, and a thirty-foot vertical approach, which opened into a vast room that branched into many tunnels and side-rooms. As she stooped and scrambled through the low cave entrance and began the vertical descent into the dark vertical tunnel that led to the cave below, she was spread-eagled, clinging to the damp rock with her hands and feet, hoping she wouldn’t fall straight down into the murky darkness below.

Suddenly, she saw a bright flash of light and a vision appeared to her, like a movie... (more)

June 2013 Update

The following is a brief overview of various, and growing, categories of remissions and clearings that have taken place at either Skype gazings via computer internationally (at 76 venues on four continents) or in-person, at numerous venues in California and Colorado.

Since we give all credit to the Creator for any miracles, remissions, clearings, shifts or transformations of attendees at both in-person as well as Skype events featuring Quantum Gazing, we make no claims or guarantees to participants. We urge people to see their usual health care provider for any chronic or acute mental or physical issues or conditions. Our work is strictly offered in the vein of a gratis selfless service with the intent of empowering you to access your infinite potential via your intentions through the use of the Quantum Field of Universal Love... (more).


Before participating in Quantum Gazing, we ask that you say clearly in your mind, three or four specific wishes, intentions or prayers for the transformation of yourself or a loved one. As co-creator with God, YOU play a VERY important roll in these transformations. A few categories of potential intentions include:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Supply and Abundance
    For more detailed potential intentions, click here.

QUANTUM GAZING™: Symptoms of Unwinding Patterns

There are many things to notice both during and after your Quantum Gazing™ session. Since there have been reports of nearly three dozen types of symptoms which have recently taken place, associated with gazing, it seems necessary and helpful to mention them in order that you can maximize your gazing experience and educate yourself as to its many unique and profound possibilities.

When one meets the Quantum Gaze (even though s/he might be bedridden, visually impaired, or unable to hold the gaze for long due to being handicapped), patterns begin to unwind within the physical, mental, emotional and causal bodies of that individual. This is also true when the gaze meets photos of loved ones, pets, livestock or injured wildlife or plants which are brought to the session by the attendees. These phenomena can occur immediately or eventually. It all depends upon the one who is receiving the gaze. There is nothing to fear and gazing cannot hurt you in any way. Connie is just like you; she has no special powers, yet the energy which moves through her meets your heart and eyes, and you can decide to allow your life to be re-charged by receiving the gifts it wants to give you. She cannot control it, “drive it,” target it or manipulate it in any way since she is merely an instrument, like a hollow flute through which music is played. The gaze triggers energy movement and causes a variety of sensations or effects, some of which may be:... (more)