Connie gazing over mountains


Symptoms of Unwinding Patterns

There are many things to notice both during and after your Quantum Gazing session. Since there have been reports of nearly three dozen types of symptoms which have recently taken place, associated with gazing, it seems necessary and helpful to mention them in order that you can maximize your gazing experience and educate yourself as to its many unique and profound possibilities.

When one meets the Quantum Gaze (even though s/he might be bedridden, visually impaired, or unable to hold the gaze for long due to being handicapped), patterns begin to unwind within the physical, mental, emotional and causal bodies of that individual. This is also true when the gaze meets photos of loved ones, pets, livestock or injured wildlife or plants which are brought to the session by the attendees. These phenomena can occur immediately or eventually. It all depends upon the one who is receiving the gaze. There is nothing to fear and gazing cannot hurt you in any way. Connie is just like you; she has no special powers, yet the energy which moves through her meets your heart and eyes, and you can decide to allow your life to be re-charged by receiving the gifts it wants to give you. She cannot control it, “drive it,” target it or manipulate it in any way since she is merely an instrument, like a hollow flute through which music is played. The gaze triggers energy movement and causes a variety of sensations or effects, some of which may be:

  1. Feeling euphoric or blissful.
  2. Gently trembling, shaking, jerking as old traumas, injuries or grief leave the system.
  3. Weeping, crying, sobbing. Offer a glass of water to the person later but don’t interrupt the process.
  4. Laughing uncontrollably, followed by profound ecstasy. Give them a glass of water afterwards.
  5. Yawning or sneezing.
  6. Sighing, coughing or burping.
  7. Kundalini energy may undulate the spinal column.
  8. Rolling from side to side on the bed or floor after getting home.
  9. Slapping or pounding the floor at home (especially for past victims of trauma, rape, torture or imprisonment).
  10. Spontaneously forming ancient mudras/signs with the hands.
  11. Toppling over during gazing. Leave the person alone to process. They are honoring their innate Intelligence and will awaken after fifteen to sixty minutes when they have processed enough. If you need them to leave the venue, gently whisper in their ear that all is well and that it’s time to get up and prepare to drink a glass of water.
  12. Energy can express as a short outburst of temper or exasperation within 48 hours of gazing, especially if a person has bottled up feelings for years or decades, or if they are progressing faster in their spiritual and emotional life than those around them, or if others try to bait or to provoke them. They will feel like being more honest in their lives after gazing.
  13. One can move into an altered state for a few hours, and can even appear intoxicated. (They are Spirit-intoxicated by the stronger connection to Source, Atma, Soul.)
  14. One can softly hum, groan or moan when alone.
  15. A person might feel ravenously hungry.
  16. Spontaneous singing might suddenly come forth.
  17. One might feel like dancing, walking or pacing or, if one is a child, like running around the room. (We normally don’t allow children under the age of twelve to attend gazing due to the potential to disturb the group process.)
  18. Warmth can occur anywhere in the body, with or without tingling.
  19. Chills can ripple over the body.
  20. One can feel as if fingers are moving around the face. It’s only energy that has been held there.
  21. Energy can move into the organs, glands, bloodstream.
  22. It is not uncommon to have a major insight about other people, past situations, circumstances, life events, phobia-inceptions, “personal stories,” or reactions to situations.
  23. Many people feel wrapped in, hit by, held by Divine Love.
  24.  People have reported that their pain has disappeared.
  25.  Burdens have lifted.
  26. Fatigue has been replaced by energy and vitality.
  27. Some people feel the urgent need to urinate.
  28. Sometimes sinuses can suddenly run copiously, causing a profusely runny nose. Have tissues available.
  29. One may feel a strong need to talk…sometimes for hours.
  30. A person might feel strangely awestruck during or after gazing.
  31. People have reported seeing themselves, loved ones or their life and life purpose in a new light.
  32. People can feel that “blocks in the neck or spine get removed.”
  33. One might experience feelings which have been repressed, such as sadness, anger or grief.
  34. Several people have felt their crown chakra vibrate, open or tingle.

Each of the above is unique and normal for those who experience them, although usually a person will only feel two or three sensations during or after the first gazing session. More awarenesses come later, with more sessions, usually. Be sure to drink eight or more glasses of water for three days afterwards, depending upon your size and capacity. You are sloughing off energetic debris and must keep it moving. Walking and exercise also help but is not essential.