Connie gazing over mountains



In 1997, on one of Connie Shaw’s 48 trips to India (taking sick people for healings), she was visiting a famous holy site in the form of a cave frequented by saints and sages. The cave had a three-foot entrance, and a thirty-foot vertical approach, which opened into a vast room that branched into many tunnels and side-rooms. As she stooped and scrambled through the low cave entrance and began the vertical descent into the dark vertical tunnel that led to the cave below, she was spread-eagled, clinging to the damp rock with her hands and feet, hoping she wouldn’t fall straight down into the murky darkness below.

Suddenly, she saw a bright flash of light and a vision appeared to her, like a movie, onto the narrow cave wall. She was shown scene after scene of millions of poor, homeless, sick and suffering people throughout the world. It was tragic to see the people living under bridges, eating from garbage cans, and clad only in rags. The Indian Cave Vision, as she later thought of it, was accompanied by the Voice of God, which was quite familiar to her. He said, “See these people…I am going to give you a very big job. You will relieve their suffering.” Connie replied, “Lord! How can one little person possibly relieve the suffering of so many people?! And where would I get the resources for such a big job?”

He replied, “You are not the Doer. I am the Doer. You are just an instrument. You will have plenty of help when the time comes.”

Fourteen years later the big job had not appeared and Connie was getting restless, feeling that God had forgotten her. One day in March, 2011, she recalled the Indian Cave Vision and said, “Lord, have you forgotten all about me and that Big Job, as You called it? I need more service to do. It’s true we’re volunteering at the Food Bank, and that we have our weekly meditation and study group, and that we do counseling, coaching and Matrix. But still, I feel that I need more service work to do. I think You’ve totally forgotten me. Did You change Your mind, Lord? Do You think that I can’t do a Big Job? Did I miss out on it entirely? Why didn’t You tell me if You had changed Your mind about it?”

A week later Braco (pronounced Braht zoe), the famous Croatian healer and gazer came to Denver, Colorado, and Connie was in the audience of about 1,200 people, in a large hotel ballroom. Braco stood silently on a five-foot high platform at the front of the room so that he could see everyone and be seen by all who were there. When Braco’s eyes met hers for about two or three seconds during the nine-minute gazing session, she had an epiphany and suddenly remembered the Indian Cave Vision and the twelve ancient Indian manuscript readings she had received, all of which stated that she would be healing thousands throughout the world via “a gaze or glance, her voice and a touch.”


While initially shocked at the reports that attendees at Quantum Gazings were sharing, Connie is grateful and humbled to serve as an instrument for the relief of the suffering of others. She says, “It is all His Grace. I do nothing, know nothing, and am nothing but a hollow flute. These mysteries are about Him and His Love, as the Music that flows through the flute, and not at all about the flute, which is temporal and insignificant. We are, according to Quantum Physics, but patterns of light and energy. Any shifts, transformations or so-called healings occur because the attendees allow Spirit within them to re-balance their energies and beliefs. Although I am as mystified as anyone by these great mysteries, I do know that when we live in the heart and play in the Quantum Field of Universal Love, miracles happen naturally, frequently and are our birthright. People tell me that I have many gifts, but at this point, these blessings cannot be turned on and off at will. They stem from God’s Grace and are not under my volition. That’s why this work is so continually surprising. I never know what will happen when we do a live-audience gazing or a Skype gazing and thus can enjoy the surprises along with the audience, either immediately or when they later e-mail me (to info AT connieshaw DOT com) for our mutual rejoicing. Actually, I am very ordinary in many ways and am working through my own life challenges like everyone else.”


Connie Shaw had a very normal childhood and youth. However, at age three she became aware of the Tone, Om, or Sound Current of God, which resides within all people. From age eleven she saw angels and eventually, Mother Mary and saints. Currently she is a communications specialist, life coach, international speaker and seminar leader. She is a Certified Matrix Energetics® Practitioner and does Quantum Gazing for sizable groups, both in-person and via Skype video. She embraces the human family and has an open-minded, open-hearted and interfaith approach to life and audiences, respecting all paths, creeds and religions. She does not promote any religion or philosophy except that of Divine Love, which is available within all beings. She says, “We are all brothers and sisters in the vast family of humanity, under the love, guidance and protection of our Creator.”

1980 – Mother Mary’s first apparitional visit to Connie.

1983 – On her birthday, while living in Singapore, Connie was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That night she was visited by Jesus, Gautama Buddha and Sai Baba, all of Whom told her that she was to have a world work of teaching and healing and that They would assist her each step of the way. They foretold that she would successfully endure the next twenty-one years of very, very difficult challenges but that they would encourage her to be strong. Three weeks later she was healed of the brain tumor by Sai Baba. In following years she was in six car accidents, suffered many broken bones, many surgeries, developed several diseases and had continuous losses, traumas and set-backs. She had to learn to speak and to spell again, as a result of the aftermath of heavy surgical anesthesia. She had to learn to walk four times. She never gave up.

1985 – Connie had an appointment with the famous Murthy family of ancient manuscript readers in Bangalore, India, where her entire life story, written thousands of years ago by Sage Shuka, said, “This is a Mahapurusha Yogi (advanced soul) who will heal thousands with a gaze or glance, with her word or voice, and with a touch. She will bi-locate, will write, speak in many countries, counsel many, will organize many spiritual events, will do successful spiritual teaching and will receive many spiritual gifts that will help others.  

1986 -  People began reporting to her that they and their loved ones and pets had been healed by listening to her voice on tapes and CD’s. She thought they were imagining such things.

1988 –The beginning of the period of miraculous, unexplainable healings began.

1988Instantaneous Healings. Two people were instantly restored to health by the touch of her index finger. Further, when she visited a Hospice patient in Virginia who had cancer, she did Therapeutic Touch for him for twenty minutes. Immediately his silver hair was restored to its original coal black color, and was commented on – with great gasps of astonishment - by his sister Mary, who was also present. (“Connie! How did you do that?! His hair was white. Now it’s back to its black color. This is amazing!” Connie replied that she hadn’t done anything but energy work. She started trembling.) The man announced, “I feel full of energy and I’m going to check myself out of here. He signed his release papers, went home to his 4,200 square- foot house and replaced several dozen winter storm doors and windows with summer screens, then went to the local golf course and played nine holes of golf! His family and friends were flabbergasted, as was Connie. No one could explain it. Connie couldn’t think about it or she would start trembling again. Each time something miraculous happened, she forced herself to forget it.  

1988Bi-locations. Many people reported that she had appeared to them in dreams or apparitions, (bi-locations), doing healing and giving encouragement and advice. She even left tangible objects behind for several people.

1990Apparitions and Prophecies. Mother Mary, Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Kwan Yin began to appear to Connie. Mary subsequently gave Connie over one thousand prophecies, over ninety percent of which have been fulfilled.

1994    Connie had an appointment with the famous Book of Brighu reader in Mumbai, and in a total of six eventual ancient manuscript and Akashic readings she was told that “This is a Maha-purusha Yogi who will heal thousands with a gaze or glance, with a word or voice and with a touch. She will receive many spiritual gifts for her world-wide work of teaching and healing." Connie was astonished that two separate ancient manuscript systems, unknown to each other, had reported dozens of matching details about her unfolding life. She drew courage and inspiration from the two sets of ancient manuscripts, which acted as map and compass for her future work.

1996 to Present – Over 300 people have been healed who have visited her home. Visitors have seen many saints and angels there, such as Jesus, Mary, Sai Baba, Yogananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Zadkiel.

1997 – She contracted malaria while taking a group of sick people to India for healings with a famous saint. While she was bedridden for five months with malaria, strangers began to telephone her, saying that “God came to me and told me to call you and to ask you to pray with me for healing (heart disease, addictions, headaches, allergies, arthritis, etc.).” Connie was skeptical at first but agreed to mutual prayers and the people were either healed instantly or gradually.

1997 – Attendees at Connie’s talks and seminars began reporting having seen angels, Mary, Jesus and saints standing on the stage near her.

1998 Sacred Fragrances. She began to smell sacred fragrances, such as roses, lilies of the valley, violets, sandalwood, sacred ash and cinnamon, emitting from the spiritual centers, or chakras, of her physical form, especially as she was praying or meditating.

When Connie visited spiritual retreats, shrines or holy places, there were sudden manifestations of holy water; fragrant sacred ash (on her hair, shoes, dress, song-book, tambourine, fruit, photos); amrit nectar; carnations falling into her lap “out of thin air;” tiny pieces of rock candy fell on her head when she was meditating with friends; pearls appeared in the lap of a statue of a saint while the same group meditated.

At her talks and seminars, attendees abruptly stood up and announced that they “had been told by the Inner Voice of God that they had been healed.” The talks and seminars were communication workshops on forgiveness.

1999 Service Overseas. She and her friends began to feed lepers and desperately hungry people in India on short trips to a small village in South India.

2005 – In Malaysia, where she spoke at a banquet in her honor, eight people told her that they had been “told by God that she was coming from America and that He would heal them through her.” She was aghast and thought it was a prank. She protested but agreed to pray with them and with the group she had brought on the trip. The people were healed. A sixteen-year-old comatose boy came out of the coma a few days after she and her friends went to the hospital, briefly touched him and prayed for him and his family.

2010 Matrix Energetics and the Quantum Field. Connie and her husband, Jim, attended many classes in Matrix Energetics®, by the well-known Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. During the next year that Connie and Jim applied Matrix, 2,000 people in five countries experienced dramatic shifts, transformations and the disappearance of their symptoms, through collapsing the Quantum Field wave-form of unconsciously-held beliefs in illness, lack or limitation.

A comatose female patient in New Jersey was brought out of the coma long distance via Matrix Energetics®, and made a dramatic physical, mental, emotional and career recovery.

A Gift of the Spirit (Latter Rain) which heralds miracles and healings, took place on a pilgrimage to India in the Fall of 2010 when she took a group there. While Connie was praying at an INDOOR interfaith temple, it began to drizzle on her head and she smelled roses around her. No one else in the vicinity was getting wet. An hour later in her hotel room, while she was praying, the phenomenon (drizzle of rain) took place again. As she asked, in her prayers, why this was happening, she was given a divine message, “Because you obey Me. When you go to Malaysia next week I will heal many depressed people and many infertile couples through you.” She only learned the name of the Latter Rain three weeks later when she returned to the U.S. A mysterious booklet called “The Latter Rain” popped up on her computer screen and thus, she learned that it is a harbinger of imminent miracles and Gifts of the Spirit. In Malaysia,the week following the Latter Rain experience in India, over four days in six cities 750 people received transformations and healings from God through Connie and her team, completely free of charge, as a service to the suffering.

2011 – A comatose Colorado man, whose car had skidded off a cliff in a snowstorm, resulting in a roll-over wreck, was restored to consciousness via Matrix Energetics®, long distance.

Quantum Gazing began and people reported the following:
– Their hearts opened and “grief and burdens vanished.”
– A severe concussion with attendant head pain, blurred vision, dizziness, was healed.
– They saw angels and saints standing near Connie.
– They saw auras around her and “light shooting out of her eyes and heart toward people in the room."
– Migraine headaches vanished.
– They felt a deep love, peace and joy inside.
– They saw golden or pink light fill the room.
– They remembered traumatic childhood events which had set patterns in place, then the patterns left them.
– Fear and anxiety dissipated.
– Confidence has grown.
– Thyroid problems have balanced.
– Rotator cuff stiffness has loosened up.
– Two women no longer fear men.
– One man is able to risk love again.
– “Veils were lifted in consciousness.”
– Back discomfort and suffering vanished.