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Categories of Shifts / Transformations
A June, 2013 Update

Copyright 2013 by Connie B. Shaw

The following is a brief overview of various, and growing, categories of remissions and clearings that have taken place at either Skype gazings via computer internationally (at 76 venues on four continents) or in-person, at numerous venues in California and Colorado.

Since we give all credit to the Creator for any miracles, remissions, clearings, shifts or transformations of attendees at both in-person as well as Skype events featuring Quantum Gazing, we make no claims or guarantees to participants. We urge people to see their usual health care provider for any chronic or acute mental or physical issues or conditions. Our work is strictly offered in the vein of a gratis selfless service with the intent of empowering you to access your infinite potential via your intentions through the use of the Quantum Field of Universal Love. We do not see people without appointments, either in person or on the phone, and have no time or resources to see the public for gazing outside of scheduled group events, due to our very busy schedule doing life-coaching, counseling and intuitive readings to earn our living.

Please honor this request and seek the nearest Quantum Gazing venue near you in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Macao/Hong Kong, or Singapore. In-person Gazing and Matrix Energetics events, also free of charge, take place once or twice a month in Colorado, usually in the Denver-Boulder-Longmont area, in our “Transformations!” program. See www.quantumgazing.com for the next in-person event (s). Connie is not a channel or a medium and does no healing, since God does it through her. God is the Doer; she is but the doorway. She and Jim are being cleared and shifted as well as the attendees.  A minimum of twenty people is required for a Skype Gazing Session. If you would like to schedule a free Quantum Gazing Session, fill out the Quantum Gazing Session Request Form on our site and send it to info@connieshaw.com.

Categories of Transformation Continue to Expand. Some Current Ones Are:

A number of women who had been mentally, physically and/or sexually abused, during childhood or adulthood, reported a clearing of the effects of that issue. Native American Lakota Sioux “boarding school abuses” have been cleared, simultaneously with unforgiveness of Christian clergy, teachers and authority figures.

Addiction Remissions
Through their intentions to renounce addictions, half a dozen people have reported being relieved, “cold turkey” from attachments to the following substances and conditions:

  • Alcohol: A man in Malaysia was helped with alcoholism and had a simultaneous spiritual conversion experience. He was a Sikh in his twenties. He had one contact with the quantum energies.
  • Smoking: A woman in her thirties in Longmont, Colorado reported having no craving for tobacco after having chain-smoked for twenty years. She attended one gazing and never resumed smoking.
  • Sugar: In Australia a woman, age forty, had had a twenty-year sugar addiction, eating it by the hand-ful daily. All craving for sugar left her after one gazing.
  • Porn: Two men were relieved of porn addictions after one contact with the quantum energies.
  • Food: A woman who was a food addict reported that two shades, or entities, left after her quantum experience.
  • Heavy Prescription Drug Usage: One person had used “a large box full of pills daily for fifteen years” and was able to wean himself off of them, without pain. He lost 35 pounds as well, without diet. 

Baby Kai, an adopted Singaporean male child had an aneurism which was greatly reduced in size via gazing with his photo over Skype gazing. (His Kawasaki Syndrome also vanished.) His Aunt Rose in Australia held up the photo.

Anger Issues/Argumentative Tendencies
Family members have reported that husbands have become very mild, after lifetimes of angry, dominating behavior. Households are now peaceful since arguments have nearly disappeared altogether.

Arthritis (Applying Matrix Energetics and …a Kiss)
A forty-eight-year-old Malaysian Harvard graduate female, who was very skeptical of alternative clearing processes, had been afflicted with severe, chronic, painful, all-over arthritis her entire life. Connie was startled to hear her Guidance direct her to ask the Malaysian woman for permission to kiss her on the cheek, and to lightly squeeze her arms and legs, which Connie did. Immediately the woman toppled into the arms of a catcher and fell unconscious for about thirty minutes. She reported that the next day upon awakening, “I looked everywhere and couldn’t find my customary, life-long pain anywhere. I was astonished and said to myself, ‘Well now it looks as if I have become a healed Harvard graduate!” Connie, who seldom hugs or kisses strangers, as per her guidance, was shocked to receive such guidance but obeyed.  

Back Pain

  • Many people have shared that long-standing back pain has vanished, often during gazing.
  • Bill R., a Colorado man, who had had arthroscopic knee surgery noticed that afterward his gait was out of balance and he had pain in his leg, hip and back. After a Matrix Energetics session at a Gazing and Matrix event, he had noticeable improvement in his leg, hip and back.
  • An Asian man reported great relief of back and neck pain after gazing.

Connie is reported, like many adepts and Masters (of which she is neither) to have bi-located to many states in the U.S. and many countries abroad, helping the suffering. She has no recollection of such visits and cannot “will” them to happen.  She says that this is one of the ways that God uses the forms of His Light-workers and that most people leave their bodies at night but don’t remember doing so. People have reported that she “stayed with them for a few hours and for up to three days. When she left, their pain, injuries (to knees), illnesses (vertigo), or deformities (diseased or malformed or enlarged organs)  left and they were pronounced healed by their doctors.”

Chiropractic Adjustments
A few gazing recipients have mentioned that they felt as if a chiropractor were expertly adjusting their spines during gazing. They were grateful.

Six people who were exposed to the Quantum Field in a variety of ways recovered from comas:

  • One man’s car fell off an embankment in a snow-storm, resulting in head injuries and coma. A few weeks later, after quantum processes, he awoke.
  • A female New Jersey teacher,  in a domestic violence case, had been beaten and thrown down a flight of stairs, and left for dead, by a violent policeman boyfriend. Two days after Connie used a quantum technique, she awoke.
  • A sixteen-year-old boy awoke a day or so after being prayed over by Connie and friends while he was in coma in Malaysia.
  • A fifteen-year-old auto accident coma patient in Colorado, Rosie Medina, awoke after a hospital visit from Connie and Jim and after her father brought her photo to a gazing session. Hundreds of people had been praying for her. She had been in a coma for ten weeks and awoke ten days after her photo was brought to gazing. She saw and spoke with Mary and Jesus a few times after her awakening from the coma.
  • A two-year-old, Thanish Cherukadu, of San Antonio, Texas, had been in a coma for two weeks when his father brought his photo to a private home for Skype Gazing on Good Friday, 2013. That night, a streak of light shot out of the TV in the home hosting gazing, and hit the head portion of the photo being held up. The next day, Holy Saturday, Thanish awoke from the coma.
  • An Australian man came out of a coma after his photo was present for gazing.  


  • Connie was recently cleared of a moderately severe phobia of submitting herself to dental work (i.e. having mercury fillings removed). Her fear of experiencing pain at the hands of a dentist simply evaporated! It took her several months to realize it was gone.
  • An acquaintance of Connie’s was relieved of a water phobia, wherein she feared entering a swimming pool, hot tub, lake, pond, or the ocean for fear of drowning. She, too, simply realized one day that she was no longer disturbed by the life-long fear of drowning in any depth of water.
  • A twenty-five-year-old woman in Missouri who had agoraphobia was cleared after one gazing. She had been afraid to leave the house for 25 years and refused all invitations to go anywhere in the neighborhood, such as to the local shopping mall. She subsequently began to go to the mall and movies with her parents; took a long-distance drive to the East Coast to visit relatives; and has begun to job-hunt.  She and her family consider these results to be miraculous. She says, “The Holy Spirit healed me.”

Many attendees have had a deep urge to express their upleveled vibrations and new energy by  one or more of the following creative outlets: painting a room or a house; doing pottery; painting pictures; creative writing; interior decorating; wearing lighter, brighter colors; writing music; starting a philanthropic project.

Dearly Departed Loved Ones
At least a dozen attendees at gazing have seen their late loved ones, such as mothers, sons, a husband, and grand-mothers. The departed loved ones look healthy and cheerful, and sometimes give a locutional (inner ear) message to their family members. Recently, in Singapore, a father appeared to his daughter and told her that he would later have some information to give her regarding issues/details around his death. One mother in Macao told her grown daughters to “do more service.”

  • Thelea, a Colorado woman, reported in a public Gazing session that although she had never met her father, who had died before she was born, she had seen him during gazing and was given the knowledge that he was her father. She was deeply moved as she shared the incident. 

(Medical) Doctors
Medical doctors on three continents have attended gazing both for their own issues, as well as for bringing their patients for relief of cancer, mental illness, and leukemia. They have uniformly given positive reports and have, on numerous occasions, become tearful in expressing their appreciation to the Creator for relieving their suffering and that of their patients. Many patients who had been given two weeks to live are still alive, two or even three years later. Several doctors have brought photos of their patients who have been cleared of illness via the photos having been present. 

Entity Attachments
Connie does not do entity removal or exorcisms! Attendees at events have renounced shades, shadows, or entities through their own will and through the grace of God and His Angelic Host and his helpers, the saints and sages, East and West, and the Masters of Light. Entities have been seen to leave their bodies by their hosts, or afflicted attendees, who also had had the following issues or problems:

  • Stuttering
  • Growling/speech impediments
  • Substance abuse addictions
  • Depression.

Financial Supply
Gazing attendees have reported various types of financial abundance as a result of their gazing wishes/prayers/intentions:

  • Selling a house within a week in a difficult market (by two people).
  • Selling oil paintings for tens of thousands of dollars to corporations and oil companies, nationally.
  • Finding new jobs: as a doctor; as an art teacher; as a massage therapist; as a certified nursing assistant.
  • Winning the Australian lottery in the amount of AU$390.00.
  • A school teacher/principal of a one-room school in the outback of Australia was thrilled to discover that during gazing her bank had added $3,000 to her empty bank account, legally.

Flashes of Light
Several attendees have seen flashes of light, like flash-bulbs, in front of Connie during gazing. One such person saw Connie’s face everywhere she looked for the next eight hours. Another person saw her spiritual teacher emerge from Connie’s chest after the flash of light.


  • A mild-mannered Colorado man who had been abused by prior girl-friends had not dated in over fourteen years as a result of having been traumatized. He made a decision to start dating again after several gazing sessions.
  • A very tumultuous Vietnamese-American family had a history of constant conflict. A brother had refused to call or write his sister for over five years. One day he called “out of the blue” and she reported, “Now I know this gazing really works because he was very stubborn and would never have contacted me unless I had made the intention in gazing!”
  • Some Lakota Sioux women who had been placed in a Christian boarding school from ages six to eighteen, had developed “deep hatred for whites, for Christianity, for the clergy and for the school.” During their first gazing they suddenly reported feeling dark blockages leave the heart area, feeling hatred and resentment vanish, and being amazed at being overcome with profoundly deep peace and love!”  
  • Several women who had been previously rejected by lovers reported that they no longer held animosity toward their partners and were “ready to risk being in love again.”
  • A Vietnamese-American woman reported that her adult daughter apologized for having been the source of much grief for her mother.

Some attendees to gazing have smelled one or more of the following “sacred fragrances” either in front of their own faces, or near Connie during or after gazing: roses, violets, lilies of the valley, cinnamon, vibhuti ash, amrit nectar.

Heart Issues

  • An enlarged heart was returned to normal, along with a defective heart valve, via Skype gazing in Australia. Anne, the Australian Christian attendee, also “saw Connie on every channel on her TV set the entire weekend” until her healing was confirmed by her doctor the following Monday! Anne’s vertigo vanished during gazing and she said, “Jesus Christ has healed me.”
  • People with “broken hearts” due to failed relationships have “felt blocks leave their hearts.”

Four people have relayed the feeling of extreme hunger after gazing. One woman, Nikki, in Australia, said that she ate and ate for four days! Then she returned to normal and had lots of energy. Connie often feels famished after gazing. One many said he was “eating the air” or hyperventilating after gazing, as if he couldn’t get enough air. Connie feels that in some cases such reactions can be the healing of a birth trauma.

People who have had trouble sleeping have often noticed that insomnia vanishes soon after gazing.

Lost Objects Found
A woman who had lost a ring in Pakistan saw it reappear, drop down and clink on the floor in front of her eyes as she changed her shoes under her desk, months later, in Singapore! Books, keys and other items have been found.

Kawasacki Syndrome
Baby Kai, an adopted Singaporean child, had Kawasacki Syndrome which can be fatal. His photo was brought to gazing and he went into remission and an aneurism nearly disappeared, as well. Now he is a year old and is fit and strong and enjoys pushing the dining table across the room!

Kundalini Activation
Three people have had spontaneous Kundalini activation, with undulating spines, either during or after gazing. One woman remained in an altered state for over an hour, then gently returned to her normal consciousness. 

Latter Rain Experience
Twice on the same day, in October of 2010, while in South India, Connie noticed that it was raining a light mist upon her, while inside two roofed buildings. Both times the phenomena took place while she was praying and meditating. In the first instance it took place in a temple and was accompanied by a sacred fragrance, like roses. An hour later, in her hotel room, it happened again. The rain/mist did not fall on anyone or anything around her in either case. When she finally asked, in exasperation, in her meditation, “Lord, why is this happening? What is it? What does it mean?”

She was told, cryptically, by her inner Guidance, “It is happening because you obey Me. Others do not. Now go downstairs immediately and write an email to Mr. A.O., and tell him that I told you that he must send out word that the following types of people will be healed, by Me, next week when you and your team go to Malaysia: infertile couples; the depressed; the unemployed; those who are stuck in life and can’t move forward. I will give all of them a big push through you!” Stunned, she did as requested. The next week, in Malaysia, over 750 people were healed in four days of every imaginable malady, by the Creator, through the intercessory work of Connie and her team of four Americans.

When she returned home from Malaysia, one day a small tract mysteriously appeared on her computer screen that described The Latter Rain as a Gift of the Holy Spirit Which is a harbinger of healings, blessings and miracles. And so it was.

Lottery Wind and Latter Rain for Australian Nina: A woman in Western Australia who attends gazing has reported that the Latter Rain has twice poured down on her arm as she has been walking outside. The same woman, Nina, recently reported, in the fall of 2012, that she was standing in her living room one day when she heard the voice of her neighbor Rose calling to her: ‘Nina, Nina!’ But when Nina turned around, Connie was standing there in her spirit form, having bi-located from American, holding up a document sheet of paper. The document somehow reminded Nina of the lottery. Nina suddenly remembered that she had bought two lottery tickets and had shoved them in a drawer some time back. She dashed to the draw and found the tickets, then rushed to the lottery office. She was then told that she had won the lottery and was given $390.00! 

Legal Justice

  • A falsely-jailed man in Mongolia was released after his sister attended a gazing in Singapore, petitioning his release during gazing.
  • A man in Missouri was released within twenty-four hours, without charges, after a relative brought his photo to gazing.

Lost Pets
Runaway dogs and cats have returned safely shortly after a gazing session of their owners.

Runaway Children

  • A sixteen-year-old Berthoud, Colorado girl had run away from home. Within an hour and a half of her mother attending gazing, the girl called home and said she was returning. The mother brought her daughter to gazing the next month.
  • A sixteen-year-old had been missing for five years, after a blow-up with her father. She was feared to be dead. Six weeks after her father attended gazing, she called and reported that she was twenty-one, married and had a baby and that her family would be reuniting with her father shortly, which they did.

Both cases appeared to involve extreme power struggles between equally strong-willed parents and children.

Meditations Improve
Many people have reported that their meditations have become deeper and that they have received Guidance while meditating, after having attended a Quantum Gazing Session. 

Three people suddenly began to make spontaneous ancient mudras, or holy hand gestures, from India or Egypt, during gazing, as part of their own body’s unwinding of patterns from illness, trauma or prior injury.  One terminal cancer patient, Kim Ong, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was visited by Connie and her team in her sick-bed. After receiving Matrix Energetics, Kim began to do ancient mudras for over an hour and was subsequently cleared of her cancer.

Nightmare Cessation
A five-year-old in New Jersey, Krissy Chen, was cleared of nightly nightmares after her first Skype gazing. 

Organ Renewal
Several people have reported that the following organs have been restored to full function: an enlarged heart and a defective heart valve; cancerous ovary; a cataract-covered eye; a concussed brain.

Patterns Unwinding
When attendees to gazing invite the Quantum Field of Universal Love to touch their aura, implicit in their intents, any number of patterns can indicate that cells, glands, organs or the spine are releasing old tramas, such as: sighing, coughing, twitching, jerking, rocking, crying, laughing, yawning, falling asleep, giggling, moving hands or arms, wanting to dance, forming hand-mudras, pounding the floor, making swimming motions, wanting to sing, or other impulses. Such spontaneous gestures are part of the clearing.

Bringing the photos of loved ones who need relief of suffering is an easy and satisfying way to render selfless service to others. The photos can be large or small, framed or unframed. Attendees hold photos against their chest during gazing. Connie does not need to touch the photo for a clearing to occur.

  • A child with leukemia in Perth, Western Australia, experienced a remission after her photo was brought to gazing by a doctor neighbor.
  • An autistic child in Singapore, who was anti-social and a poor student, was represented by her photo through her aunt in Narrogin, W. Australia. When the aunt visited the child at her special school, she reported, “I couldn’t believe my eyes! That’s not the same child! She is outgoing, has friends, makes good grades, and is doing well in every way. In fact, Hui Peng, who is now eleven, won two cash awards for Singapore one hundred dollars each, recently. One award was for the  all-Singapore best student dancer and the other was for the top student. A member of parliament presented the awards to her personally.”
  • An institutionalized mentally ill man, Aron, in Asia, was reported to be doing much better after Connie did Quantum Gazing with his photo.
  • A comatose teenager’s (Rosie Medina) photo was brought to gazing by her father. She came out of a ten-week coma ten days later.
  • Thanish Cherukadu, of San Antonio, was relieved of his comatose state the very next day after his father brought his photo to a Skype gazing session.
  • Har Peng, of Asia, formerly mentally ill and violent, became calm and socialized after her aunt brought her photo to gazing.

Several people have mentioned that they “felt as if they had received Shakti-Pat, or a shift in awakening consciousness from a Realized Master.” One man, Wayne, in California, reported that he attained Self-realization after receiving  Matrix with Connie. His blissful state has remained after three years, despite having lost two wives in a short period. A woman in Malaysia heard the Sacred OM sound in her head for twenty-four hours after Connie tapped her on the head. A Missouri woman saw Connie’s face for twenty-four hours, everywhere she looked, after a Skype gazing. A Texas woman saw her spiritual Teacher for twenty-four hours after a Skype gazing.

Stroke Recovery

  • A Chinese Christian business man in K.L., Malaysia, had had a severe stroke. He had brain fog, depression, an indrawn hand, and instability standing without a cane. A week after gazing over Skype, he reported that his depression had lifted, he had no more brain fog, he could stand and walk without a cane, and he felt healed and grateful. He was seventy-five and had been excessively stressed by his wife having left him before the stroke.
  • An elderly Malaysian dentist, about seventy years old, was greatly handicapped and hospitalized by a stroke that had left him unable to stand without being propped up on both sides by helpers. His mouth was not functioning well and his speech was mumbly. He was depressed, dizzy, confused. Within two days of receiving quantum energies, via Skype, he felt healed and drove himself to work, having just been released from the hospital!


  • A fifty-three-year-old man who had stuttered his entire adult life was gradually healed of stammering.
  • A seventy-year-old man who had a speech impediment plus stuttering saw an entity leave his body by mouth during a gazing session. His speech improved greatly after that.

People who have not had visions in the past have had multiple visions of Avatars, saints, angels and Masters of Light. Some of those Who have been seen during gazing are:
Jesus, Mary, Avatar Shirdi Sai Baba, Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, Prema Sai Baba (both as an infant and as an adult), Krishna, Kwan Yin, Gautama Buddha, St. Padre Pio, Mother Teresa, St. Theresa of Liseaux, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Paul the Venetian, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Tall Golden Being of Light (Vishnu?), Babaji of the Himalayas, Bruno Groening, Serapis Bey, Hamed Bey, Saint Germain, Beloved Portia, Beloved Lady Master Nada, Master Khutumi, Master Morya, Master Djwal Kuhl, and Archangel Michael and nine other Archangels.

Even people who were not spiritual or religiously inclined have reported feeling profoundly loved by the Masters, Angels, their departed loved ones and Connie during gazing. They have developed an interest in the work of the Ascended Master Hierarchy and many carry their pictures (from the internet) in their wallets, briefcases, or have framed the pictures and placed them near their beds. Attendees at Quantum Gazing events report that they are doing more selfless service and that they have a new purpose in life, more optimism and a happier mood. Connie and her husband, Jim, give continual thanks for being used as conduits for God’s healing energy, for the chance to observe countless miracles, and most of all, that He is relieving the suffering and revealing His future plans for thousands across the planet through Skype and in-person Gazing and Matrix Energetics quantum processes.

Suggested Youtube Quantum Gazing videos to enjoy:
“Transmission of Love;” “Divine Grace in Perth;” “Happy Hearts in Macao;” “Heart-Openings in Perth.”