Connie gazing over mountains


Potential Intentions for Self-Balancing
And Transformation

Before participating in Quantum Gazing, we ask that you say clearly in your mind, three or four specific wishes, intentions or prayers for the transformation of yourself or a loved one. As co-creator with God, YOU play a VERY important roll in these transformations. A few categories of potential intentions include:


  1. Transforming illness, disability, injury
  2. Rejuvenating mind and body
  3. Transforming the body into light
  4. Becoming strong, fit, vital, swift, flexible with increased stamina


  1. Increasing memory
  2. Willingness to “drop the story of suffering & victimhood.”
  3. Increasing the ability to focus
  4. Ability to meditate
  5. Willingness to subdue chaotic thoughts, feelings, “monkey mind” tendencies
  6. Capacity to subdue tendencies toward conflict and separation
  7. Ability to better process cognitive data
  8. Have greater creative expression


  1. Focusing on awareness of arising thoughts
  2. Overcoming reactions to the past, to triggers, to people, ideas, things and substances
  3. Attaining the ability to reside in witness- consciousness.
  4. Ability to quickly process emotional issues (e.g., via the Byron Katie process, Sedona process, etc.)


  1. Increasing your capacity for inspirational, cooperative leadership
  2. Increasing your ability to create unity and harmony in a group
  3. Increasing your skill in empowering others
  4. Willingness to drop self-absorption and narcissistic focus on yourself in conversation


  1. Clearing your birth trauma
  2. Clearing negative energies directed toward you from any lifetime: curses, hexes, spells, Voodoo, implants or entity attachments
  3. Releasing addictions, attachments, compulsions or obsessions
  4. Allowing yourself to give and receive more love
  5. Forgiving yourself and your spouse, partner, siblings, children, neighbor, doctors, teachers, bosses, the clergy, authority figures, the government, institutions
  6. Ability to subdue enslavement to the lower chakras and senses
  7. Ability to heal yourself and others
  8. Ability to manifest
  9. Ability to Obtain Self-realization
  10. Capacity to attain Ascension

Supply and Abundance

  1. Creating plentiful food, comfortable housing, transportation, clothing, income, savings, trade goods.
  2. Attracting new opportunities to learn new skills which will bring joy, respect, remuneration and new chances to serve others.