Consecrated Healing Cloths


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Healing Cloth Prayer

Connie B. Shaw

(Note: Pray and decree with conviction, not desperation, for effective results. Look for miracles!)

Beloved Lord, Masters of Light and the Angelic Host, we ask that your healing Power will suffuse this healing cloth with your miraculous healing and awakening abilities. We decree through the power of the Mighty I AM Presence within us and the power of the assembled Beings that these blessed and consecrated healing cloths be used in full faith to eradicate illness, injury, doubt, depression, lack, limitation, despair, phobias, addictions, grief or any other imbalance or suffering. We thank You, with deep gratitude, Amen.

How To Create A Healing Cloth


The healing cloth as an instrument of healing is not new. Over two thousand years ago the Apostles imbued white linen hankies with olive oil that was consecrated with prayer intentions to heal the sick and injured when it was laid on their bodies. Instantaneous healings took place for the blind, the deaf, the lame, for lepers and for people with every type of malady imaginable.

The late German healer, Bruno Groening, imbued balls of tin foil with his healing energies and the effects were immediate in relieving people of joint pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches and other maladies. For the past thirty years members of the American Nurses Association who have been trained in Therapeutic Touch have held six inch squares of cotton batting in their hands while praying and intending that the cotton would transfer their healing energies to patients. The nurses made miniature flannel pillow cases to keep the cotton clean and countless healings have resulted from the “little healing pillows.”

To create a healing cloth, assemble the following items:

  • handkerchief, cotton or linen cloth or flannel.
  • plastic Zip-lock sandwich bag(s)
  • organic virgin olive oil
  • straight edge or ruler, pencil, scissors or pinking shears

You may use a handkerchief or if you are making several healing cloths as gifts for loved ones, cut six to eight inch squares of fabric. Expect your fingers and the surface you're working on to get oily as you make the healing cloths. Pour a couple of drops of olive oil onto the center of a cloth or a stack of 2 or 3. By rubbing your fingers and thumb over the top and bottom cloth you can make sure the oil is on all the cloths in the small stack.

Stack all the cloths you've anointed into a pile. Now consecrate them by placing your fingertips of both hands on the stack while saying the above prayer (or your own prayer) with intention and conviction.

Your prayer intentions are what consecrates the oil. You can put two or three healing cloths in a sandwich bag with the healing prayer as an invaluable birthday or holiday gift for a colleague, friend or loved one.

Final Tips: Work on a plastic table cloth or at a kitchen counter to minimize drips and spills. Do the pouring of a few drops of oil on the healing cloths while saying the prayer above, or while using your own prayer. Put the healing cloth(s) into the baggie immediately and keep a healing cloth in the car, your purse or briefcase and at home for emergencies.

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