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Connie B. Shaw

Recently, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in His Subtle Form, has been saying, through His instrument, Sri Madhu Naidu, that He is now liberally pouring out His Supernatural Gifts of the Spirit and His Divine Powers on all God-loving people everywhere who can assimilate them and put them to use for the benefit of humanity. Mother Mary has also given numerous prophecies about this time in history to this author regarding the period which we have now entered: The New Global Inter-Faith Revival or Renewal of Spirit for all people of all faiths who are interested in receiving this profound blessing.

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, my husband, Jim Wright, and I were blessed beyond our understanding to be able to present a one-day workshop at the new Center for Human Development in Carlisle, Massachusetts, in the greater Boston area wherein there was an enormous out-pouring of at least 16 Gifts of the Spirit. Reports from the seminar attendees keep coming in several times a day since the workshop five days ago. The title of the workshop was “Heart-Fire: Claiming Your Gifts of the Spirit.” Before the trip, Jim and I had been given inner information that each of the attendees (including the host family, Bharat and Sheila Patel and their sisters) was hand-picked by the Lord to play a unique role through attendance at the workshop.

That role was for the attendees to receive the Cosmic Gift of the Envoy (before coming) and that their presence in total, as a group, would help greatly to mitigate ancient battle energies that still remained in the greater Boston area and the state itself. Further, the presence of the attendees could soften or lessen any future disasters (such as a coastal tsunami, e.g.) brought upon the state as a result of past karmas from violence towards others in prior lifetimes. In other words, the Gift of the Envoy can work "backwards and forwards in time," beneficially affecting the so-called ‘past’ and the so-called ‘future’ since quantum physicists say that all time from past, present and future exists simultaneously in the present "now" moment. It is always NOW. Any issue, person or situation can be healed now!

As if this were not mind-blowing enough, at least sixteen Gifts of the Spirit were given to workshop attendees during the day of May 4th, 2019, and through May 9th (and probably more gifts, subsequently) by the generosity of Sathya Sai Baba, His Helpers the 65 Ascended Masters, and Seven Mighty Archangels Who were present in the class (invisibly for most) with all of us for seven hours!

The workshop was held in the meeting room area on the lower level of the Center for Human Development, set on four wooded acres amid lovely flora in the quiet, upscale suburb of Carlisle, Massachusetts. The workshop Event Staff Meeting on Friday night started off with a bang. Neeraj Ramachandran, a twenty-seven-year-old man from Connecticut, later reported that “a bolt of Light shot up from beneath the Earth, hovered under his feet, then abruptly hit him in the neck and collar bone." He considered that a "hint that there would be more to come the next day, Saturday, during the actual workshop."

There was, indeed, more to come, as he experienced Self-realization during the workshop itself. Below is a list of the sixteen Gifts of the Spirit, including Neeraj's awakening, of which we are aware. Reports from attendees continue to arrive via email daily and the processes of Quantum Gazing and Matrix Energetics (which were featured twice each in the one-day workshop) plus other healing modalities, continue to bring results as time passes.

16 Gifts of the Spirit Provided Supernaturally to Boston Workshop Attendees

Our gratitude knows no limits to Sai Baba, His Helpers, the Masters of Light and the Angelic Host, regarding Their magnanimous out-pouring of the Gifts, healings and blessings with which They drenched us at the CHD in Boston. The following sixteen Gifts may be expanded to include more by subsequent reports from attendees since Gifts of the Spirit "just keep on giving" to the recipients and to those whom they serve with the Gifts of God.

At this writing, Thursday, May 9, 2019, the Sixteen Gifts of the Spirit which were out-poured are:

Bi-Iocation: When one is taken in their subtle body out of the physical body for a journey to another city, region, country, or to the sun, planets and galaxies. At least two people reported this. (Connie and Jim have both been told that they have bi-located together and separately to other cities in Colorado and to various countries. Connie was told that she bi-located to Idaho to a physicist and gave him a formula for a device he was inventing.

A woman in Narrogin, West Australia, told Connie that she was shocked and delighted when Connie suddenly appeared in her living room and told her to run quickly to her living room desk and retrieve her two lottery tickets, which would expire in an hour, and take them to the lottery office down the street. The woman won $760 that day! Connie has no recollection of that, has never been to Australia and doesn’t play the lottery herself. “These are just some of the ways that the Lord uses this body,” she says. “He tells me that none of it is my business!”)

Bolt of Healing/Blessing Light. One person, Neeraj Ramachandran, experienced this bolt hit him in the neck and collar bone. It was the beginning of his Realization/Awakening which happened the next day, Saturday, during the workshop itself after receiving Matrix Energetics. Once in a Colorado Gazing, a man, Rodney Mobley, saw and felt a bolt of Light hit his painful fractured wrist and the pain nearly entirely vanished as a result. Another time that someone felt such a bolt was when a blind stranger named Susie visited the Northern Colorado Sai Baba Center (unaffiliated) that is held at Grace House, Harmony Farm, next to the home of Jim and Connie, in Colorado.

 Susie called the next day and reported that "she had been blind when she walked through the door of the meeting room at Grace House, having been brought to the meeting by her attorney boyfriend. She could hear Connie giving announcements before the meeting started and then she suddenly saw and felt a bolt of Light that came from Connie's heart and hit her in her own chest, nearly knocking her down. The next day when she woke up, she could see, for the first time, her children, the TV set, her furniture and the Rocky Mountains! She was healed of blindness!"

 She called Connie two times the next morning, trying to tell this to Connie, who kept telling her that she had the wrong number and that Connie didn’t heal people with “bolts of light!” Finally, Susie shouted, “Sai Baba Lady, don’t hang up! Listen to me! God healed me of blindness last night through you and I’m calling to thank you! Connie said, "What?! Oh! Really?! Let’s back up. Can you tell me all of that again, slowly? You were blind and now you see? Oh, good heavens! Well, Susie, thanks so much for calling. But don't thank me. Thank God. He is the Doer. I had nothing to do with it but I am thrilled for you and grateful to Him for Whom nothing is impossible. Now consider how you can use your precious life and sight to serve others while you are still in the body."

Fear of Death Healed. Two workshop attendees reported that this happened during the workshop.

Gift of the Envoy: The entire group of 24 were given that Gift and the mission to attend the workshop, whereby their presence would help to mitigate ancient battle energies in the state, as well as to mitigate or lessen any future natural or man-made disasters brought upon the citizens of the state due to any past actions of violence which have resulted in karmic return to the area and its inhabitants. (Connie's note: Upon our arrival in Boston we encountered a thick, tarry, heavy, old energy that felt as if we were walking through water in a swimming pool. As we left the area on Sunday, the old, heavy energy was barely noticeable.)

God-Intoxication: Feeling "Drunk in the Spirit” without alcohol intake. At least ten people felt this and "could hardly walk and talk afterwards.” The feeling of God-intoxication permeated Connie from Friday, May 3rd, during the Event Staff Workshop Rehearsal until today, Thursday, May 9th – a full week later.

Healing: The relief of pain or symptoms from a disease, chronic condition, illness or injury. One of the workshop participants, Betsy Myers, reported that she used the Grigori Grabovoi healing number for the clearing of gout on the foot and leg of a loved one. The pain and inflammation of the leg and foot “vanished 90%” the same day and by the next day, Monday, her loved one was able to go to work and walk around the work-place normally. Sometimes he is laid up for a week with gout.” Betsy was grateful that she could be a healing facilitator and that the Grabovoi Technique worked so quickly and effectively. (She had asked her loved one to write the number for gout- clearing, which is 8543215, in ball-point pen on his leg. That’s all there was to it.)

Holy Laughter: as a result of God-intoxication. At least four people reported laughing hysterically after the workshop, during their ride to their hotel and at the hotel. This often happened to the Apostles of Christ who were accused of being inebriated after spending time with Jesus. It has often happened to Sai Baba devotees after seeing Him in His public appearances, known as darshans of the Lord. People who attend silent retreats of the Self-realized American teacher, Gangaji, often report this phenomenon of energy expressing itself through laughter.

Holy Spirit Breeze: Feeling a wind/breeze in a closed room. Sandy Guerrero felt this and the entire group benefitted. This Gift is an indication that all are being profoundly blessed with numerous Gifts, which was true, as we now know.

Interdimensional Hearing: At least one person, Bhavna Patel, one of the hosts, heard the voice of her recently departed father, Sri Thakorlal Patel, who made his transition several weeks ago in Fairfax County, Virginia. Since Bhavna is his youngest child, he was very concerned that she be well cared-for after his death and the last word on his lips as he crossed over to the “other side of the veil” was ‘Bhavna.’ On May 8th, the Wednesday after the workshop, Bhavana heard his voice calling to her: “Bhavna! Bhavna!” Let us all include him in our prayers the rest of 2019 that he might settle in well in his new surroundings and be comforted and reassured by the Lord and the Masters that all is well and that he is safe now and so is his daughter, Bhavna. (Bhavna has demonstrated many spiritual gifts over her life, of which one is precognition, or knowing when certain events might take place in the future. Another Gift has now been given to her by the Lord.)

Locutions: Hearing messages of God, Angels and Masters/Saints. One person heard Archangel Raphael before going to Boston. Others heard Sai Baba or their own Spirit inside themselves at the workshop.

Hearing Music: when none was present. One person heard interdimensional church hymns/music.

Mahima Siddi: Feeling or seeing that one's body has expanded to fill the entire room. This happened to Sandy Guerrero - that she felt her subtle body grow to giant proportions, and fill up the room. It has happened to Connie several times and has been reported by Gazing Session attendees that either "her head or her whole body became the size of the room, touching the ceiling and the walls.” Connie has no awareness of this, however, nor any awareness of her many bi-locations in her spirit body to other countries, where people say that she heals and counsels them.

Off-loading Trapped Energies: from a life-time (or several life-times) of trauma, shock, guilt, sorrow, pain, abuse or sudden death. All of us had off-loading of trapped energies though not all were aware of it. This happened both in Gazing and in Matrix. We each had two sessions of each process.

Becoming Slain in the Spirt: At the touch of a Matrix Practitioner (in this case, Connie or Jim) the attendees toppled backwards, face up, into the arms of a trained catcher and were lowered to the floor gently by the catcher where Sai Saba and the Masters then worked on them.

Self-realization/Awakening: A major shift in consciousness wherein one no longer misidentifies with his mind, body, emotions, name, attainments, abilities, possessions, family of origin or social status, but experiences himself as one with all beings everywhere, as one Essence, which is Love. He/she no longer fears the death of the body. Neeraj had this much sought-after experience. Thank You, Baba and Masters!

Touched by an Angel or Master: Sheila Patel mentioned to this author and to the group that she had felt someone (invisibly) touching her arm while she was reclining after Matrix. She also said that heavy energy pressed down on her eyelids and arms so that she had difficulty opening her eyes and moving her arms when it was time to get up from her prone position after have toppled into the arms of a catcher following her reception of the energies of Matrix Energetics. Such experiences are quite common.

(Note: For readers who are new to these phenomena, this author hastens to reiterate, for the umpteenth time, that she and her husband are also being “worked on, healed and blessed by the Lord and the Masters, even though they facilitate the workshops.” They play a dual role of instructors and recipients of blessings, just like the rest of the attendees at all of the seminars.)

After witnessing and receiving such inexplicable, powerful, unexpected Gifts and blessings from our most merciful and loving Lord, we are struck dumb and slack-jawed. Words are insufficient to convey our gratitude and awe at His majesty and magnanimity. We will continue to report, God willing, on His potential future works and "wonders of His Love," as the Christmas carol says. Meanwhile, "All Glory to God! Blessed be His Holy Name!" May each of us be worthy instruments for His continued healings, miracles and blessings in these eventful days, at the outset of the long-awaited New Global Renewal of Faith!

About the Author
Connie Shaw often says that “She is nothing and no one.” From a practical, worldly viewpoint, however, wherein most people function, some of the roles that she plays in this divine drama are that of author; international speaker; co-founder of Quantum Gazing with her husband, Jim Wright (retired executive of a multi-national corporation); Marian visionary (recipient of visions, messages and prophecies from Mother Mary, Sai Baba, saints and angels); former corporate trainer and management consultant to business, gov’t, industry and education; and healing facilitator. Jim has traveled in dozens of countries and Connie has traveled in 60 other nations. She and her husband are gratefully active in numerous local, state and global service projects which are dedicated to the relief of human suffering. Connie says, “We have learned not to take ourselves very seriously, especially since all of these things are being done through us, not by us, often without our knowledge, thankfully, and are none of our business!”