Monthly Longmont In-Person Quantum Gazing™ and
Matrix Energetics (Free!)


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Transform and rejuvenate on all levels: physical, emotional, relationships, spiritual and money/career. Quantum Gazing™ and Matrix Energetics by Connie Shaw and team.

Each month Connie Shaw and her team hold a free public session in Longmont to conduct Quantum Gazing™ and allow everyone who chooses to have an individual Matrix Energetics experience. We would love to have you come and bring friends and family 18 and older for an enlightening, transforming and fun evening.

A Process of Interdimensional Transformation

Free fun and inspiring evening experiencing the quantum energy processes of Quantum Gazing and Matrix Energetics along with brief talks and videos. An opportunity for you to rejuvenate and transform your life in areas such as health, relationships, emotions, finances etc. Bring 3 or 4 wishes for yourself and loved ones. Bring their photos too. Wear some white. Surprise yourself. Have fun. Leave full of joy.

NEXT EVENT: Sat. Dec. 16th

WHERE: Longmont Public Library on Kimbark St. between 3rd & 4th Ave.